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everything's comin' up milhouse!

I once knew a Father Clint Power...

shockadoodle cowbowsnow
17 April
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The most Hon. Rev. Dr. Mrs. Sarah Griggs, cofounder of the Society for Advancement of Cheese-Eating Kittens who Listen to Saxon for the Esteemed Purpose of Merriment Etc. etc., owner of a mobile bedecked with geese of the Buff variety, and nanny to three small boys who compare me to pasta and like to pretend they can shoot fire from their nipples, welcomes you to this, her humble livejournal.

and also welcomes you to the centralia dumptruck graveyard.

"all right now gretchen, do your impression of...the 60's! come on gretchen, the 60's!"

"you have been convicted of stealing painted eggs in a time of famine- off with his head frank..."

(sorry, but hey, I gotta do my part)