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Jan. 14th, 2005 @ 08:49 pm
I simply adore it when customers come in who "shop here every week" by their own declaration, or "have been a customer for years", but then get snippy because they want a refund. WE DON'T DO REFUNDS! and we won't give you back more money than you paid us! it's in big letters on the side of the register and behind us...


I also like rented laptops that restart themselves every 5 minutes. so much for getting any work done tonight. not that I would have done much anyway. le sigh. holly and I will get together later next week, but she and her man have split so methinks it won't be pleasant

and the damned computer is warning me of imminent shutdown again! ah well. more later. wish us luck everyone. I have the flu and am determined to let everyone know (and let everyone get it as well, to share the misery)

loose ends Jan. 4th, 2005 @ 02:26 pm
to be tied up before I trawl through these books looking for something useful for my essay on holocaust museums. if you're reading this crispy, your library is teh sux0r for books on the holocaust.

-happy new year's to all! here's to hoping it's better than the last one, or at least better than the last month or so

-christmas in wales was lovely- apart from us getting accidentally caught in a surreptitious kiss, all went well. they bought me portmeirion pottery! it's pretty and makes me feel like a girl just looking at it. ahem.

-prerequisite resolutions- lose the weight I've gained since getting here and ideally some more besides (10 stone, I'm looking in your direction, or at least in the direction of you actually being visible on the scale when I step on it) - go to church more often and get back on the whole god thing - be more charitable towards people (I say this every year and still end up mentally stabbing at least three people in the face per week) - keep in touch with stateside friends and family more - not be a lazy arse. whether any of these get kept remains to be seen.

-I am hereby no longer allowed to shop with crispy. nottingham in the sales was- well, it was a lot of fun for me, but I actually spent more time in debenhams than he spent in selectadisc, which anyone who knows him will realize is a terrifying prospect. I hope you mutual friends have chills down your spines. I know I do!

-I've just realized there's a library book in my room in winchester that was due back dec. 18th. damn damn damn.

that's it for now, I think. I smell like wet wool (sweater got rained on) and need to do some work. hope everyone is well and recovering from their severe holiday bloat.
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Dec. 14th, 2004 @ 12:20 pm
I also hate earl's court tube station, but that's entirely another where and when.

ugh Dec. 14th, 2004 @ 12:10 pm
been quite a weekend/beginning of week.

good things:

-meeting sillypants! she's lovely and even funnier in real life- an overly solicitous waiter thought I had burned myself on the apple tart when I was really just quickly removing it from my mouth so I could laugh like a loon. excellent company and helped the rest of the day keep from sucking enormously.
-next monday I have off work- so long weekend in lincoln! obviously I'm more excited for seeing crispy than for actually being in lincoln, but you know what I mean.
-tom lawson/andy partridge has given me the green light on my essay AND given me 7 books to use for it- so there's my bibliography sorted, at least for the american holocaust museum (question is about how museums can form/influence collective memories, and I'm doing the different major holocaust museums and how they both (a) "correct" individual memories to fit a template of experiences everyone shares, and (b) extend these memories to people who didn't even experience them cos of age/religion/nationality/whatever)

not good things:
-dad called sunday night- my uncle tim died. not a biological uncle but still someone I was VERY close to, the pastor of our church, one of the kindest and most inspired people I've ever met in my life. I wasn't entirely there when dad was telling me how, but he had some sort of coronary thrombosis or something- anyway, it was too close to the heart for them to have operated on anyway, and he died fairly quickly. he was 46. I'm more worried for my stepmom than anyone else- first drea's baby and now her younger brother? I hope she'll be ok. dad said she's been keeping busy and holding up that way, but her MS could kick back in. I hope it doesn't. anyway, keep them all in your prayers or whatever, because a lot of things depended on him and who knows what will happen now.
-ayuta and yvonne had another fight sunday night and yuta dragged me into it, naturally. but ayuta might be moving out, which I suppose belongs in the first column? not nice but it's true.
-sallie mae has finally put a lender onto my loans, but then also CANCELLED them. so now I have no student loans at all. an angry email has been sent and hopefully (for their sakes) they'll reply soon and tell me what on earth is going on.

so yes....highlights and- er- lowlights? I'm handling all of it better than I was a few days ago, but still...not a good scene for all involved. I'm REALLY glad I didn't have anything due this week because I'm definitely in one of those "hide in my room and not talk to anyone" moods at the moment.
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apologies for the scrolling, but I'm just so damn happy Nov. 25th, 2004 @ 11:57 pm

(weeps tears of joy)
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» i hate dr hicks
I DO I DO I DO. not because he gve me a bad grade- on the contrary, I pulled that 55 up to a 62 for the final presentation grade- but because he's an ASS!

holly's cover sheet reads thus-

"Quite a lot here HOlly, though I don't think it is particularly well understood and it is certainly very poorly communicated...bibliographical conventions are awful for a year 2 student...are you dyslexic?"

ARE YOU DYSLEXIC?! who on earth writes that? it's especially frustrating/hilarious when you read her paper and realize it's just simple spelling errors- none of the reverse-order sentences or mixups that actual dyslexia exhibits. MENTALIST! not impressed at all! we're going to show alasdair and make him put on his incredible hulk shirt and go rip hicks from limb to smug limb. and it will be beautiful.

in other news...um, I have to do this essay. as said before, I hate the carolingian renaissance.
the carolingian renaissance is destroying my brain!

tracey from "everything but the girl"

louis the pious, c. 831

somebody help me
» treat
as in, I'm treating myself to an update since I...well, ok, I've not done much work at ALL on my essay today, but at least I've found some stuff on the carolingian renaissance post-charlemagne and louis the pious, so that's something right? ahem.

things here....are all right. it snowed last night but I missed it, thanks to a crappy radio 3 french drama which made no sense and was hilarious for all the wrong reasons, and simon winchester being entirely too good a writer for me to deal with right now. doesn't he know I have essays due on friday! the absolute nerve. yesterday was nice, really- fawn and I went christmas shopping (grandmom's gift is gotten, as is part 1 of good sir crispy's), had lunch, came back to my room and wrapped presents, then she left and I came to the library to do work. and work I did! though I also was naughty and ordered some american lovelies from let's eat- welch's grape soda anyone? actually, scratch that, I'm not sharing the grape soda with ANYONE. maybe crispy. if he's good. I also snagged some nutrageous bars, nutterbutters (a pattern?), and strawberry poptarts. mmmmmmm, poptarts.

I would like to let everyone know that the carolingian renaissance is one of the more annoyingly intriguing/boring topics I've ever had to write about. on one side, it's really quite cool how many reforms in agriculture were made (yes I AM a dork, thank you). on the other hand, I'm not allowed to write about that! and instead have to concentrate on the bookish ones. the exact question is "Why and in what ways was it hoped that the Carolingian Renaissance would have an effect on the whole of Frankish society?", and unfortunately the only answer I can come up with is "they hoped it would make everyone better christians"- literally. that's it. every single reform in schools for villagers and improving latin and educating the monks and designing a more easily readable script and increased production of books was ALL ABOUT CHRISTIANITY and had absolutely no relation to anything else. not surprising in a pre-medieval christian society, but still! I was hoping to find somethig exciting and strange and pre-socialist about the sudden benevolence of the church and monarch, but no, they just want everyone to be better christians. sigh. 2000 words on that.

it wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a presentation also due thursday, on cars, which will be fun but which I'm also nervous about cos I really want to impress alasdair- especially since I know I arsed up the proposal (not gotten it back yet but I know it was more than just a bit crap)

work is all right. I open up the store tomorrow for the first time on my own! terrifying! but I'm working with ellen so that's ok, and penny will be in later to calm me down. she said she's not worried about me because "you're quite calm and collected"- which alternate-universe sarah does she mean? eek! it'll be fine I know, it's just- I KNOW that it'll be the day I get the really annoying customer who simply cannot understand why she can't return a bag that she bought on sale two summers ago which she only used once and has a large hole in it and "I really like it and I would like a new one"- firstly, if you like it so much, why have you only used it once in two years, and secondly- NO! but they get all huffy and "well I can't understand how that's legal" and "you've just lost yourself a loyal customer" etc. etc.

I am so not cut out to be in customer service it's not even funny.

anyway, I am going to see if I can get someone to let me into the SU building so I can use the ATM and buy batteries for my camera. then back up to the house I guess, and I'm realizing I have less than no enthusiasm for getting anything beyond note-taking done today. le sigh. when I finally figure out how to get my camera to plug into these computer (the enormously unhelpful boy behind the IT desk has no idea either), pictures shall be posted. until then, let your imaginations work- my hair is a bit longer, I'm the same size, winchester has lots of trees in it, and it's very foggy and grey today. as spongebob would say-


I miss spongebob
» (No Subject)
AND loads of states passed the gay marriage ban! ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!

is it wrong of me to want to strangle the collective public? or at least 51% of it?

I'm sorry I'm so angry, but....yeesh.
» (No Subject)

that's all I have to say really. a big fat boo. another american student named sarah stayed awake with me for almost the entire night so we could watch all the results as they came in, only going home when her home state oregon finally gave a result. I've been awake now for 24 hours with only 45 minute's nap in between then and now. and I have to say, I have never EVER been more disappointed with (a) the democrats and (b) the american public in general

why? because we should have won this. with the sheer amount of bitching I heard every day for 4 years, you would think we could have easily handled this. but no. everyone decided "better the devil you know" and rolled on their backs and showed their bellies and whimpered for bush to please not hurt us. and even worse, the fact that it's SO SO SO CLOSE- and we still couldn't manage? to come so close and be cheated begs the question of how hard were we all really trying? no kerry isn't the most inspiring political figure to ever grace the nation, but for god's sake, are we all that apathetic and useless that we can't even get him elected after 4 years of absolute crap? I mean come on! it was about getting rid of a government that was patently unfit for being in power, not about trying to find the perfect candidate or winning a political beauty contest.

and now, as the british media and american pundits abroad have so gloomily informed us, we can look forward to 4 more years, 4 more conservative supreme court judges who will no doubt be licking their chops at the opportunity to demolish pretty much every social/minority reform we've accomplished, and 1461 more days in which anything could happen. and I don't mean that in a fun "surprise! we're all really quite nice" way.

and all because kerry didn't score a 10 out of 10 for the swimsuit competition. thanks a lot america.

and yes, I know this is uncharacteristically bitter, but I've been supporting kerry for the past year, since well before the primaries, not because he was going to save the world but because he was the best alternative out there. and even if you thought he wasn't, by the time yesterday rolled around he was the ONLY viable alternative, and instead of going "oh I'm not going to vote, they're both politicians and probably corrupt and who cares anyway cos nothing will change BLAH BLAH BLAH", people could have shaken themselves a bit and remembered what was at stake. and I know you all did because you're all lovely people (sincere, honest! heh, don't hit me please, I'm tired), but you know, even when a number as high as 70% of registered voters are voting, there's still another 30% out there. and who knows how many more who didn't bother registering. and THOSE people are the ones I'm going to have absolutely no sympathy for when more crap happens.

anyway, I really should be getting to work. this will be fun after staying up all night...fingers crossed penny gives me a job where I can sit down all day and not have to interact with people.

boo. :-(
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